​​​​​Training Program​​​

1. Capacity Development Programs (CDP)

In this category, courses are organized in collaboration with the national institutions designated by the IDB Governors of the host countries. Participants in these courses are nominated by the respective IDB Governors of the invited country. Based on coverage, IRTI training courses fall in one of the following categories:
​​- Local: In such courses, participants come from the host country only.
- ​Regional: In these courses, in addition to participants from the host country, participants from selected IDB member countries are also invited through respective IDB Governors​​

2. Fee-Based Training (FBT)

In this category, courses are mainly organized in collaboration with the private sector institutions at local and regional levels under mutually agreed terms and conditions. Courses are fee-based. Participants may be selected from either the private sector or the public sector without necessarily seeking the consent of the IDB Governors.

3. Tailored Training

In this category, courses are customized and tailor-made to suit to specific requirements of any region or country or organization.

4. Training Material / Packages

The preparation of training material is a collaborative effort by professionals from the Training Division and external subject experts. A Standing Technical Committee is invariably set up for each course for expert overseeing of the preparation of material in order to reflect new and emerging trends and to cater to the changing needs of the targeted trainees.

5. Certification 

Participants of IRTI training programs are conferred Certificates of Participation at the end of the programs. These well-designed certificates confirm the attendance of the trainee in a given program. Each certificate is duly signed by Director General, IRTI and the head of the collaborating agency.

6. IDB Global Islamic Leadership Program (GILP)

​The GILP focuses on the practical aspects of leadership and its immediate applicability. It provides participants the opportunity to network with a range of ‘in-industry’ guest speakers and CEOs through round table sessions as well as field visits to relevant industry sites.​

Training Programs