​​Policy Papers


The policy paper should address a legitimate contemporary policy issue within which the current policy is clearly distinct. Hence, the paper should be clear alternatives to the current policy to the targeted audience (i.e. the decision-maker) with information to make a decision on the policy proposal.

LIst of IRTI Policy Papers

Abdul Ghafar Ismail, Umar Taufiq. Zakat on Financial Instruments. PP-1436-01.

Abdul Ghafar Ismail. A Framework for Regulating Islamic Microfinance Institutions. PP-1435-05.

Abdul Ghafar Ismail. Effective Risk Based Supervision through Sharia Supervisory Board. PP-1435-04.

Abdul Ghafar Ismail. Achmad Tohirin and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Debate on Policy Issues in the Field of Zakat on Islamic Bank Business. PP-1435-03.

Zeineb Zouari and Mahmoud Sami Nabi. Enhancing the Enforceability of Islamic Microfinance Contracts in OIC Countries. PP-1435-02.

Abdul Ghafar Ismail and Wan Nor AisyahWan Yussof. Group Lending Policy and Repayment Rate in Islamic Microfinance Institutions. PP-1435-01.



Policy Papers