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About the Program

IRTI launched a new Research Grant Scheme for Non-Student Researchers, in order to encourage them to participate in the promotion and dissemination of Islamic economics, banking and finance. Information about the program has been widely disseminated among the global researcher community through various means.


The main goals of the IRTI Research Grant Program are as follows:
  • ​To support research in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance.
  • To increase the number of highly qualified researchers in the fields of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance.
  • To enrich Islamic literature with original and of high quality researches.
  • To bring new ideas and energy to the research in the fields of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance.
  • To encourage highly talented researchers at the different stages of their career to seek advancement.
  • To enable Islamic financial institutions to benefit from the empirical results of the different researches.


IRTI welcomes research proposals fulfilling the following criteria:
  • ​Having an academic background in economics, banking, finance, business and Shari'ah (related to economics and finance).
  • Having the necessary research and analysis capabilities.
  • Having an original research program in the fields of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance.
  • Accepting the terms and conditions of the Research Grant Program.

Mode of Payment

  • ​20% to be paid upon the signing of agreement.
  • 20% to be paid after sending a preliminary draft and the intermediary report showing the progress of the research.
  • 60% to be paid after acceptance of the final version of the research.
How to Apply for Grant

All grant projects must include the following:
  • ​A complete Research Grant Program application form.
  • A full project proposal describing the subject, its relevance for the fields of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance, the expected results, the method used, etc.
  • Annexes (if any).

Research Requirements

The research shall be original and constitute an added value to the literature on Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance. The following requisites are to be observed:
  • While a review of the literature may be necessary, the research must not be limited to this review. It shall be a real contribution to its subject.
  • The research must not have been submitted to or published by another organization.
  • The research should highlight the added value it is trying to give. It should be compared with previous researches which treated the same subject.
  • The research shall be precise in details regarding the method used to attain the final results.
  • The data used (if any) must be submitted with the final version of the research, with an indication of the exact source(s) of the data.
  • The research could be in Arabic, English or French.

Evaluation Criteria

The candidate must submit an Interim Report after four months from starting the project and a Final Report at the completion of the research work.

Copyright and Dissemination

The supported research is a property of IRTI which has the right to publish it. No other party has the right of the publication without a written permission from IRTI. Any reference made to the research must mention the support given by IRTI to this research.

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